After several vinyl publications, CD licenses and DJ performances the name DJ TOM-X became a global term for good electronic music.

He realised his start in 1997 with a remix of “K-Capone – Pain” on the label “Urban / Motor Music”, the contact came throughout his former record store in Limburg city.

Not long after he had an exclusive contract at FogArea Rec (D) and several publications followed.


He already produced on these labels:
Frankfurt Beat, Trance Chip Rec, FogArea Rec,
Nothing Rec, Cases Rec, Good As Rec, Psycho Rec, Legend Rec, ADN Progressive, Shogun Rec, Aqualoop Rec, Technothing, Start Stop Rec, Fairlight Rec, Superstar Recordings, Harem Rec, Pulsive Media, BMG, Pultrance Rec, ZYX Rec, Victory Rec, Roca Rec, Pikes Peak RecordsMinistry of Sound, Smog Music...

As an asked remixer he already produced for the following Act's:
Pulsedriver, Starfunk, Mark Oh, Orion Too, K-Capone, Emmanuel Top...

With his DJ performances in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Great Britain, Scandinavia etc., as well as through certain radio gigs at Sunshine Live, Radio Unity etc. and as resident DJ in the discotheque EASY, Diez and at the Colloseum he managed to constantly increase his awareness level.

His tracks can not only be found on vinyl but also on several music compilations as well as in the playlists of international top DJ’s and dance charts.

In 2009 he founded the music label
His firs release was published in 02/2008 together with DJ WARMDUSCHER.


On the vinyl another two other remixes of WAVETRAXX and DIZMASTER are found except the mixes of DJ TOM-X and WARMDUSCHER.




Thilo Markwort aka Warmduscher, was born in Germany 1971. Very early he proved hisself, that he is interested in music. So his first record which he bought was in 1981, the club anthem Visage „Fade To Grey“. He loved all styles, like synthie pop, ebm, wave, italo disco, eurodance, and later on also techno.

Later when he was 18 years old, he trained strong to be a good dj, and so durig that time he met some very importand jocks on this way like Andy Düx, Ulli Brenner and Tilman Uhrmacher. Tillman was doing a great trancy show on Radio RPR, and he asked Thilo to be his assistance. At the end he worked 5 years together with Tillman for this well known radio show, but in 1998, he met Klubbingman during the marriage of Talla 2XLC, a moderator from the famous worldwide known radio sunshine live and stopped working for Tillman and RPR.

Slowly he got the stepps into sunshine live with his own show, and also some contacts to Kai Tracid.
So at the end of 1999 Warmduscher was born.

Thilo and Kai had a big chart success in some countries together with an amazing reaction from the club scene. Now Warmduscher was overbooked every weekend till now. The tracks of Warmduscher "Auf die Fresse, 10 Kleine Bassdrums and Säurebad" was for sure placed on every turntable in the world minimum one time.

Every DJ or Djane played Warmduscher, and so he got known in the whole world. Thilo was now on tour for a long long time and now, after the closing of Tracid Traxx, he decided to go exclusive to Blutonium Media Germany. Warmduscher will be back here with his next and first solo single on Blutonium Records called „Stow It (Halts Maul)“. And again a mad mix of hard percussions, drums and a killer paddern of a dancing Roland TB303, the legendary Acid maschine.

Thilo is still a big name in the worldwide Hardstyle scene, so watch out what will happen more with this guy ..... called Warmduscher!



Nach über 100‘000 verkauften Vinyls, Videoclip auf VIVA, SF und MTV sowie unzähligen CD Lizenzierungen steht der Name Wavetraxx heute für guten Hardtrance und Trance.

Der Sprung zu einer Plattenfirma gelang Wavetraxx mitte 2001 mit einem Plattenvertrag bei Drizzlyrecords (D) & Universal Musik (D)!

Nach und nach folgten weitere Veröffentlichungen, unteranderem auf Cuepoint Rec. (D), Phonetic Rec. (D), Fog Area (D) Joyride Rec. (CH), Water Music Rec. (USA), Dataless Rec. (UK)...

Gegründet wurde Wavetraxx durch Chris Menzi, nach kurzer Zeit stiess Roman Ziegler als DJ dazu, der später durch Michael Allemann abgelöst wurde. Auftritte im In- und Ausland, Clubs- und Events folgten. In Zusammenarbeit mit Michael Allemann, der als DJ & Co-Produzent tätig ist, wurden einige hochwertige Tracks realisiert und veröffentlicht, die vermehrt in den unterschiedlichsten Dancecharts vertreten waren.

Wavetraxx hatte die Möglichkeit für Dj Grössen zu Remixen Dj Shog, Green Court, Tukan (Schweden), Dj Cyglas & Mike Nero (D), DJ Tom-X (D), Di Donna Olivia (USA), Dj Spaceraven (F), K90 (UK) uvm.
Wavetraxx-Tracks findet man auf vielen Playlisten internationaler DJ‘s.



No doubts, it is the best Hardstyle project of the Ukraine and one of the most successful and most perspective Hardstyle Project of CIS!

It was founded in 2008, Ukrainian Hardstylerz at this moment enter 2 talented Hardstyle producers – Doctor Tunez & Antecedent Life.

Both guys was born in Kiev (Ukraine), now UH publish own tracks on such popular labels like: Mental Madness Black (Germany), SMOG Music Records (Germany), Bionic Digital Recordings (United Kingdom) and many more...

Their tracks to deservedly estimated both in Ukraine and abroad! Their tracks already began to play many hardstyle stars! By the result of their successful European releases, enormous labour and persistence, Ukrainian Hardstylerz was invitation to play own DJ Set on Hard Drive 2010 in Netherlands!

This was their first European performance on which was near 1000 people, and where a project was playing with such superstars, like - Zany & B-front Also, Ukrainian Hardstylerz have a more than 60 appearances on all territory of Ukraine. UH in the clubs play a lot of own, new and unreleased tracks! That’s why their play is always unique and amazing.

For us, Hardstyle – it is sense of the Life – and this words tell about everything!



Infos Coming Soon.


Norbert Wielgosz aka Axel Bourne was born in Poland. His adventure with the music started in 2000. He decided that he would be creating the music, although he possessed only a computer and programs with little abilities.
However it didn't discourage him - give on the contrary - even more stimulated his imagination.
PC possibilities for the longer time didn't satisfy Axel Bourne and soon already switched to more advanced softwares to processing and creating the music. Only in 2007 he decided to show world one's artistic work.
He was noticed by the Belgian "Banshee Worx" record company, thanks to it he became known in world of the music because of his single "The Temple".

The music which the Axel Bourne is creating is blend different styles from "chill out" to "Trance" and to stronger rhythms like "Hardcore and Hardstyle".
In summer of 2010 he start the new project with the cooperation of Radbase.
The Axel at present works at remixes and enlarges lists of projects.

Radek Grzelak aka Radbase was born in Poland.
His adventure with the music started in 2005. The first style what he created was techno and trance.
In 2006 when he first time heard hardstyle on the "Qlimax" party, he loved this kind of music.
He already know that hard trance, hardstyle and hardcore is the music that he wants to create.
After two years Radbase released his first single "Natural" on the label Dead Combat.
One year later he released three more tracks - "606", "To fast" and "Why".
In summer of 2010 Axel Bourne asked him to make a remix of "Infiltration" in the same style and rhythm of his tracks.

After that Axel Bourne and Radbase decided to combine forces. Together they created a new hardstyle track - "Salvation"

The are currently working on new hard tracks.




Aquacube is a Hardstyle duo from Narva, formed in 2010 by classmates Alexander and Vladimir. Alexander graduated from the music school with "Diploma with Honours" of piano class, Vladimir entered music school, and studied in the piano class, then in the class of electronic music.

In childhood, they enjoyed listening to classical music. Later, when they became older, they were inspired by some hardstyle tracks. Hard dance music style still remains their favorite.

The activity of Aquacube has been started in 2010. In 2011 were created 2 dubstyle tracks: "Nibiru" & "Summer Sutra (Dubstyle Bootleg)". These pieces of their artwork made them famous on the popular portal of Russia - PROMODJ.

The whole next year they spent working on a new sound, returning to hardstyle again, but combining it with an euphoric hardstyle and rawstyle concept. This resulted in an experimental dubstyle / hardstyle track "Green Planet", which tells the tragic story of the birth, rise and end of life on our planet.

In 2013, a long-time dream came true - to get to the Germany label. It was Smog Music Digital, who agreed to release the two tracks: "Falling Skies" & "Generation Cyber".

Overall Aquacube music based not only on the sound quality, but also on the meaning, melody and atmosphere. It is hard not to notice creativity in their works - each track is written with experimental bias, revealing the limits of the hardstyle concept.

They are going to attend the QLIMAX and Mars.